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Milan Graphite 338 Bicolour HB Pencil and Yellow Highlighter

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Milan’s two-colour pencils are available in two varieties: the most groundbreaking kind is the 338. One half is made up of a fluorescent yellow highlighter and the other half is a standard HB graphite pencil. The lead is 2.9 mm in diameter. The more traditional version combines red and blue, and is available in two sizes; the regular type (036) has a 2.9 mm lead, and the Maxi type (066) has a 5 mm lead. All of them boast an ergonomic, triangular shape and are highly resistant to impacts thanks to the lead protection system, which means that the lead is bonded to the wood.

Milan have launched their two-in-one! Mark, highlight, underline or write in two colours at the same time! Teachers will find correcting homework easy with the red and blue, while students will be able to make great use of the fluorescent yellow and pencil combo when studying.

Product Features
Lead Hardness HB