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Mechanical pencils

Bic 4 Colours 3 +1 HB

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BIC 4 Colours 3+1 HB (Pack 12 Pcs.)

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Mechanical pencils

Buy mechanical pencils at the best price online

Are you one of those who prefer to write with mechanical pencils? You're in the right place! At Webcartridge we have a very large catalog of mechanical pencils or mechanical pencils, as they are popularly known. We have them available in various brands, colors and different formats so that each and every one of our customers find the option that best suits their needs.

The mechanical pencils have many advantages over traditional pencils. Its stroke is more uniform and regular, since the lead is always the same and does not need to be sharpened. They are also more ergonomic, as they are lighter and have a shape that adapts better to the hand of the person who is writing. In addition, their lifespan is much longer. When the lead runs out, simply put in a new one and that's it - you won't have to buy a new mechanical pencil for a long time!

Before buying a mechanical pencil, you must be clear about what you are going to use it for and what should be the thickness and hardness of the lead and the material itself of which it is made. Taking notes or simple annotations is not the same as doing technical drawing work. Therefore, we recommend that you have very clear what function will play the mechanical pencil you're going to buy.

Types of mechanical pencils that we have in Webcartridge

In our online store we have several types of mechanical pencils to suit various situations and needs. The first major division we have made is based on the thick mechanical pencils and mechanical pencils with rubber. In addition, you can also choose according to the thickness of its lead, the material and the color in which the mechanical pencil itself is made.

  • Thick mechanical pencil. In recent years, thick mechanical pencils have become very fashionable among the youngest members of the household. These have greater resistance when writing, which prevents the lead from breaking so easily. The thick mechanical pencils are super similar to traditional pencils and bring together in the same product the advantages of mechanical pencils and pencils. Buy them at the best price in Webcartridge!
  • Pencil sharpeners with eraser. Do you want to have everything you need to write in a single object? With mechanical pencils with eraser it's possible. Write and erase any mistake you make from the same product and forget about having to look for that eraser that never appears when you need it. In our online store we have mechanical pencils with erasers of various brands and different lead thicknesses - find the perfect option for you!