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Boards Markers

Buy whiteboard markers at the best price online

Are you a teacher, do you have a whiteboard in your office to support your projects, have you given your children a small whiteboard where they can draw whatever they want? We know what you need: a whiteboard marker. This type of marker glides very easily, has a fairly thick tip and its ink can be erased with an eraser, cloth or even a handkerchief.

In Webcartridge we have a wide catalog of whiteboard markers. Of various types, brands, colors and different tip thicknesses, but all of them suitable for use on any whiteboard that has a lacquered or vitrified steel surface. Obviously, for the traditional green boards they are not valid and in them it will be necessary to use the classic white or colored chalks that we all know.

What brand do you want them? We have them available from such popular brands as Pilot, Staedtler and Uni-ball. Most whiteboard markers are fat-tipped, but you also have some fine-tipped options. The most common? Red, blue and black, but we also have them in other colors such as red, pink, orange and many others.

Types of whiteboard markers that we have in Webcartridge

What type of whiteboard marker are you looking for? With any special feature or any specific brand? Explore our extensive catalog, we are sure that here you will find the perfect one for you. In Webcartridge we always want to offer the best to our customers, what they are looking for and what they need so much. That's why we have so many different types of whiteboard markers. Do you want to know which ones are the most important? Below, we tell you about them.

  • Whiteboard markers. Whiteboard markers are one of the best sellers in our online store. Their importance is such that in Webcartridge we have dedicated a category exclusively for them. This type of markers have been specifically designed for use on whiteboards and have a number of specific qualities. What color do you want them? Red, green, blue? Explore our selection and choose the ones you like!