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Warranty and Returns / If you experience any problems with your order, we'll solve them for you.

Don't you like what you have bought? Do you have changed your mind? Do you have received your copies with an error? Don't worry! At Webcartridge you have 15 calendar days from the receipt of your order to return or exchange your product. Should the product be found to have a defect that prevents it from functioning correctly, the return period is three years from the date of sale.

As far as our copy shop service is concerned, if when you receive your order you detect faults in the prints or bindings or that any of the orders you have placed are missing, you have 30 calendar days from receipt of the order to claim a replacement or refund.

Would you like more information? Below, we detail the steps you need to follow:

I don’t like the product I received or I don’t wish to keep it

If less than 15 calendar days have passed since you received your order, you can exercise your right of withdrawal and request a refund for the order with no explanations needed.

How does this process work?

Send an email to [email protected] indicating the item(s) you wish to return (you can attach the returns form that you can find at the end of this page, although this is not obligatory. If you prefer, you can also contact us via the order form in your Client Area. We will respond in the shortest possible time. However, there’s no need to worry; as long as you notify us within the deadline, our staff will be able to handle your request and the refund will be processed within the specified time frame.

Our staff will then verify that the product satisfies our conditions for return. This means that it must fulfil the following conditions: 

If these conditions are met, our customer service agents will advise you on how to return your purchase. If you want to send us the products yourself, you can do so to the following address:

Webcartridge - eCommProjects 

Avda. San Andres 83

24010 Trobajo del Camino, León (Spain)

Once we have confirmation of the return of the goods, we will proceed to issue your refund. The payment will be made within 15 calendar days and will be credited to the original payment method used for the purchase. Should it not be possible to refund your money using the original payment method, our customer service agent will request a bank account to deposit the refund into. This bank account must be in the SEPA.

The refund will cover the full price of the products as well as the original shipping costs. If you selected priority shipping, you will only be refunded the amount charged for standard shipping. The difference in cost of priority shipping and standard shipping will be deducted from the refund. In the event that the return of the order is partial, i.e. the refund is only applied to one of the products purchased, shipping costs will not be refunded.

Should the goods be returned from an address located outside the Republic of Ireland and whenever we incur customs charges on receipt of the goods, these may be deducted from the amount to be refunded.

If, upon receipt of the product, we find that it does not meet our conditions for return (e.g. it is spent or used), we reserve the right to deduct a percentage of the total cost of the product or even the total cost of the product from the refund.

If in your order you did not pay shipping costs because you exceeded the € 60 and when you return the order partially you do not reach the minimum amount for free shipping (€ 60), that initial shipping that was not charged will be discounted from the total amount to be returned. In other words, the initial free shipping is maintained as long as the products you keep add up to at least € 60.

Cancellation of orders in the copy shop service

In our online printing service, once you have completed your order, you will not be able to cancel it (right of withdrawal). Cancellation or modification of your order will only be accepted if it has not yet started to be produced. To check the status of your order, please contact our customer service team and they will inform you whether or not you can cancel it. You should bear in mind that the copy shop is a personalised and customised product, as indicated in art. 103 of RD Legislative 1/2007, of 16 November, which approves the revised text of the General Law for the Defence of Consumers and Users and other complementary laws.

a) The provision of services, once the service has been fully performed, and if the contract imposes on the consumer or user an obligation to pay, when performance has begun, with the prior express consent of the consumer or user and with the knowledge on his part that, once the entrepreneur has fully performed the contract, he will have lost his right of withdrawal.

b) The supply of goods made to the specifications of the consumer or user or clearly personalised.

The product received is defective or does not work as it should

If more than 15 calendar days but less than 3 years have passed since you received the product, you may claim on the product warranty and request for the repair or replacement of the damaged item if repair is not possible.

Contact us by email at [email protected] or register a claim from your client area indicating the specific problem with the product. First of all, we will endeavour to solve whatever problem there may be with your purchase. If the product is defective, we will pick it up free of charge and return it to you repaired, or provide you with a new product. Should it prove impossible to repair or replace, we will provide you with a comparable product or one with improved features. If there is no way to repair the product and no alternative is available, we will refund the full amount paid.

Please note that some manufacturers require the warranty to be processed with them directly. In such cases, we will direct you to where to call or write and provide you with all the support you need.

The order has arrived incomplete or with the wrong products

If when you receive your order you detect that it is missing products or you receive other products that are different to those you had purchased, you have 7 calendar days from the delivery date to inform us of the incident. To do so, you can send us an email to [email protected] or write to us from your customer area. Our team will send you the order with the correct references as soon as possible.

Incidents and guarantee of the copy shop service

With regard to our copy shop service, if when you receive your order you detect faults in the prints or bindings or that any of the orders you have placed are missing, you can claim a replacement or refund. eCommProjects Internet S.L. offers the same guarantees as for the rest of its products, with the only difference being the time limit for the claim. In this case, you will have 30 days from the reception of your copy shop order to claim any defect in it by sending us an email to [email protected] or making a claim from the customer area, indicating a brief description of the problem together with photos and/or videos and the order number.

Our customer service will work to solve the problem and will contact you whenever necessary. From Webcartridge we can offer the refund of the wrong or damaged documents (in case the document is perfectly legible, we will only refund proportionally to the damage caused); and/or offer the collection of the documents in order to check the incident in situ. In this case, the customer will be contacted to arrange the collection of the defective product. If once received the prints in our facilities, there are signs of tampering or modifications outside Webcartridge all shipping costs incurred will be attributable to the customer.

If the order is indeed defective, badly printed or bound or if any document is missing, we will proceed to repair, replace, reduce the price or terminate the contract (as appropriate), which will be free of charge for the user.

Refunds for returns, printing errors or missing documents will be made through the payment method used for the purchase. From Webcartridge will not refund the amount or make any reshipment while the printing error or lack of documents sent by the user has not been verified. The refund will be made within 15 working days of receipt and verification of the conditions of receipt of the shipment. The maximum period for payment is one month.

On the other hand, if for reasons attributable to the customer and not to the carrier or Webcartridge, the order can not be delivered to the address indicated, from Webcartridge we will have up to 30 days to resend it. We reserve the right to charge the shipping costs again, even if these have been free for the customer at the time of purchase. The user will always be notified of this.

From Webcartridge we do not assume any responsibility when the delivery of the prints does not occur within the estimated time for reasons attributable to the carrier. On the other hand, if the delay in reception is due to problems in our production centre (you have requested a priority production method, but you receive it as if it were standard production), you will be able to request its return.

Files and documents sent by users for printing will be kept for 90 days from the date of the job request, after which time they will be destroyed. All files sent to Webcartridge for printing will be treated with the utmost confidentiality. Only the staff of our production centre and customer service, in the event of any incident, will have access to them. 

Webcartridge is not responsible for the deficiencies caused by negligence, blows, improper use or manipulation, nor for the wear and tear produced by the normal use of the products associated with our copying service. 

Returns form

To the attention of:

Company name: eCommProjects Internet S.L.

Address: C/Azorín 140, 24010 Trobajo del Camino, León (Spain)

Contact: [email protected]

Telephone: 19 069 388

Tax ID Number: ES B24711269

I/we hereby declare that I/we withdraw from our contract of sale for the following goods purchased from your company.

Date of receipt:

In the name of: 

Received at (address):

Signature and date: