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Cartridges HP 950 and 951

At Webcartridge you can buy all the ink cartridges from the HP 950 and 951 series. Original and compatible ink cartridges at the lowest price. Saving money with every print by paying compatible HP 950 and 951 ink cartridges is possible with Webcartridge. The cartridges contain ink of the same quality as the original cartridges. But if you prefer the original ink cartridges, at Webcartridge we offer them for the lowest price on the web.

Cartridges HP 950 and 951

Are you looking for HP 950 and 951 ink cartridges for your printer at the lowest price? Find them in our printer ink shop. We make them available in both original and compatible versions. Why? We want each and every one of our customers to be able to access the world of printing and choose the consumable that best suits their needs. What's more, you can also choose between standard or XL capacity depending on your usual print volume. 

Buy HP 950 and 951 cartridges for your printer

Among our HP consumables, you will find the HP 950 and 951 cartridges that you need for your printer. This series consists of four separate cartridges for each colour: black, yellow, cyan and magenta. We have both original and compatible versions in standard and high capacity formats available at Webcartridge. You can also buy each of them separately or all of them together in a pack to save yourself money.

Do you have a high print volume? We recommend that you go for the HP 950 and 951 XL, as they are more cost-effective in the long run. If you don't, buy standard format cartridges because you won't be able to make the most of the advantages provided by high-capacity ones. 

Compatible HP 950 and 951 cartridges: the cheapest kind

Do you want to start saving money? Do you use compatible supplies and have an HP Officejet Pro series printer? Switch to HP 950 and 951 compatible cartridges — most of our customers already use them! They offer endless benefits and these are not just limited to price alone. And don't think that because they are much cheaper they will deliver worse results. Rest assured that all our generic consumables have undergone a series of stringent checks to ensure that they work perfectly and are compatible with the printer in question.

They're cheaper, high capacity and deliver exceptional quality results. So don't wait any longer to start using HP 950 and 951 compatible cartridges for your printer?

Frequently asked questions about HP 950 and 951 ink cartridges

Do you have questions about HP 950 and 951 ink cartridges? Don’t worry — we’re here to help! At Webcartridge, we have provided answers to the questions most frequently asked by our users on cartridge series. How many pages can they print? or Which printers are compatible with them? These are two of the most frequently asked questions. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Write to us in the chat; we'll be happy to help you in any way we can!

The standard HP 950 cartridge has a yield of approximately 1000 pages, while the HP 951 cartridges can print up to 700. On the other hand, HP 950XL or high-capacity cartridges can print up to 2300 pages and 951XL cartridges can print up to 1500 pages. Please note that these figures are approximate and for guidance only; the exact number of copies you will be able to produce with each of these cartridges will depend on how you use your printer and the type of printing you do. 

HP 950 and 951 cartridges are compatible with various models of HP Officejet Pro series printers. If you want to know if yours is compatible, simply select the HP 950 or 951 cartridge you want to buy, go to the "Compatible Printers" section at the bottom of the product sheet and check if it's there. 

The only difference between the HP 950 and 951 cartridges is the colour. The HP 950 cartridge is a black ink cartridge, while the HP 951 cartridge is a colour cartridge. Please note that this series of cartridges consists of a separate cartridge for each of these colours: black, magenta, yellow and cyan.