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Cardboard Boxes

If you need a cardboard box, you’ll find it in our online shop. We have a wide range of cardboard boxes — perfect for storing items, preparing parcels for mailing or for removals. Here at Webcartridge, you'll find what you need at the best price on the market. 

Cardboard Boxes

Buy cardboard boxes at the best price online

Are you going to make a move soon, do you have to send a package by regular mail, or are you going to do some cleaning at home and want to bring down to the storage room everything you do not need? Whatever the situation in which you find yourself, you will need, at least, a couple of cardboard boxes. At Webcartridge we know that the needs of our customers are very different from each other and we want to offer everyone the perfect alternative for them. Obviously, we do not have a single size of cardboard boxes. You can find them wider, narrower, higher, lower, deeper, smaller or bigger; you choose!

Cardboard boxes are perfect for shipping, packaging, storage and even crafting. Want to surprise your kids? Try making them a little house by joining several boxes together, they'll love it!

Types of cardboard boxes that we have in Webcartridge

At Webcartridge we have two different types of packing boxes. The most sold and popular among our users are the single channel cardboard boxes. These are perfect for simple moves, shipments and for storing anything. Are the items you are going to store very heavy? In that case, double channel cardboard boxes are what you need. These are much stronger than the previous ones, as they contain two grooves glued side by side. They are recommended for moving and for companies that transport industrial equipment. Do you know what both types have in common? They are recyclable and biodegradable. Analyze your needs and get the cardboard boxes that best suit them.