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Who are we? / Meet the team behind Webcartridge

This is just like a job interview when they ask you for three words to describe yourself! Well, we’re going to do our best to give you the answer to this important question in the most concise way possible. Let’s go!

Webcartridge is an e-commerce and represents a strong commitment to develop a national and international project from humble beginnings in a small town in north-western Spain. We launched in 2013 with the intention of making compatible and original consumables available everywhere. What would set us apart from the rest? We aimed for quick delivery, low-cost products and excellent customer service. Were we crazy? Maybe so! But we were also determined to succeed on all three fronts. We received 100 orders on that first month in June, but in 2020 (in the midst of a global pandemic), we received more than 200,000 and sold more than one million products!

Shortly after starting out and after doing a bit of market research, we discovered that despite the wide range of compatible consumables available the level of quality was let’s say... rather mixed. This is how PixColor, our own brand, was born — combining optimum quality with a meticulous eye for detail.

And here we remain, in Spain, but now supported by an extensive network of warehouses located throughout Europe that allow us to send your orders in record time to anywhere on the continent. Yes, in 2016 we decided to take the leap and internationalise our services and we reached France, Belgium, Portugal, Ireland, United Kingdom, and a year later, Germany. Today, we also have four subsidiaries of our own in the UK, Mexico, Chile and Colombia. And we no longer just sell cartridges and toners, we have an extensive catalogue that includes all kinds of stationery and IT products and an online printing service.

Have we missed anything? Only the most important thing! We are no longer two — but more than 30 members of a young, dedicated and hard-working team that strive every day to provide you with the best possible shopping experience. Are we perfect? Of course not! But we’re always aiming to do better. And we go all out to make sure the customer is always happy with our products and service. Join us on this journey!