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Staples and Staple Removers

Do you need staples and staple removers? We have a wide range in our online store. Fasten your documents and then separate them whenever you need with our branded staples and corresponding staple removers. The lowest prices — only at Webcartridge.

Milan Galvanized Staples 24/6 (1000 Staples)

VAT included

Petrus Quitagrapas 111

VAT included

Petrus Scissor Staple Remover 110

VAT included


Staples and Staple Removers

Buy staples and staple removers at the best price online

Do you need staples for your stapler? Buy them in Webcartridge, we have a wide variety of them. In our online store we have staples of several different sizes so you can choose those that fit your stapler. You can find them in 22/6, 24/6, 26/6 and nº 10, the smallest we have in our online catalog.

How many times have you stapled a set of documents wrong, tried to remove the staple and ended up ruining the papers? Many, right? Do not worry, from now on, and with the help of a staple remover, you can do it in a much faster, simpler and more comfortable way. Its operation is really easy and it will only be necessary to hook the surface of the staple with the staple remover, press and pull it carefully. You will not break the blade or have to resort to scissors or any other tool that may pose a danger as it is not specifically designed for this purpose.

If you want to buy staples or staple remover at a good price and quality, Webcartridge is your site. The most reputable brands in the sector and with more experience in this type of products. What else do you need?

The best brands of staples and staple removers

Petrus is one of the most popular staple brands on the market. You know those little blue and white boxes that are in many stores, stationery stores and offices? Well, they are from this brand and most users use them for their staplers. Another brand of staples and staple removers that you will find in Webcartridge is MILAN, one of the best known in the field of stationery, school supplies and office supplies. In both cases, you have them available in several different sizes, larger or smaller, depending on the size your stapler accepts.