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Giotto Turbo Maxi

VAT included

PixColor Inkjet Transfer A3 Light Clothing (20 sheets)

VAT included

Bic 4 Colours Original

VAT included

Pilot BPS-G-M

VAT included

Colop E/30 Replacement Pad (Black)

VAT included

PixColor DTG Ink Black 1l

VAT included

Edding 3300

VAT included

Pilot V Ball 05

VAT included

Panasonic Alkaline Power AAA (4 Units)

VAT included

Colop E/Pocket Stamp R40 Replacement Pad (Black)

VAT included

Frequently Asked Questions at Webcartridge

Got questions about any of our products? We're here to help! We've put together some of the most frequently asked questions from our customers. Should you have a question that doesn't appear here, our customer service team will be more than happy to resolve any queries about ink cartridges, toner or any of the more than 6,000 products available on our website.

Original cartridges are those manufactured and sold under the printer’s own brand, whereas compatible cartridges are generic cartridges made by alternative manufacturers. They have the same quality, yield and warranty as genuine cartridges. However, they are cheaper because third-party manufacturers do not pass on advertising or branding costs to the customer.  

We have two shipping options for Mainland UK:

  • Standard Delivery: With this shipping option, you will receive your order within 24/72 hours after placing your order (as long as we have the stock available in our UK warehouse - see Shipping Policy).
  • Priority delivery: You will receive your order the next working day after you place it, provided that the order is completed before 1pm.
  • For deliveries to the UK Mainland (excluding the Scottish Highlands), standard shipping costs £3.95 and priority shipping costs £4.90.
  • Standard shipping is free when the value of your order amounts to more than € 60 and priority shipping costs just £0.95 when the value of your order exceeds that amount.
  • For all other areas, please, see our Shipping Policy.

The discount can be used on our entire catalogue of compatible products on our website. It will not include original products or stationery. First, add your desired products to your shopping cart. When you are ready to complete your order, click 'Finish' and you will be taken to the 'Order Summary' page. Here, you will see a Discount Code box; simply enter your code and the discount will be automatically applied to your order.

Yes, of course! You may return any product within the first 15 calendar days from the date of receipt of your order — as long as it remains sealed in its original packaging. In addition, this can be done completely free of charge (in Mainland UK and Northern Ireland).

For more details about our returns policy, please see Warranty and Returns.

Don’t worry if you’re not sure about the kind of supplies your printer uses. There’s a very easy to use search tool that you’ll find at the top of our homepage. Simply enter the brand and model of your printer and we’ll show you all the consumables that your printer takes: the ink or toner cartridges and drums (both original and compatible ones). If you still can't find what you're looking for, don't worry — contact us through [email protected] and we'll be very happy to help you.

We never recommending combining them because they rarely work together. If you're going to replace your original cartridges with compatible ones and you still have a little ink left in one of them, it's best to replace them all directly. This is due to the fact that printer cartridges don't get used up at the same rate and you'll never get the chance to replace completely empty cartridges at the same time.

Yes, of course. Just fill in your billing details when you place your order and once your order is shipped, you will receive your invoice by email. Please note that the billing details do not have to be the same as the shipping details.

Webcartridge / Printer Cartridges, Toner and Ink Retailer

We are a leading online retailer of both original and compatible printer consumables. We specialise in the sale of compatible and remanufactured ink cartridges and compatible toner. We also stock a wide range of products from other areas such as: writing and drawing materials, office accessories, memory cards and external hard drives. We have been supplying our online customers with ink cartridges and other printer consumables since 2013 As a leading international printer ink vendor, we currently ship more than 200,000 products a year to more than 130 countries.

We're certain that you'll find the right toner or cartridge for your printer among our extensive catalogue of more than 5,000 items. We offer compatible and original printer ink from the most reputable printer brands on the market. You'll find consumables for HP, Epson, Canon, Brother, Samsung, Oki or Lexmark printers among many others and always for the lowest prices available online.

Buy cheap ink and toner cartridges

If you’re looking for low-cost printer ink, don’t think twice — our print supplies shop is the best choice on the market.  When you first buy a printer, running out of cartridges or toners is a constant worry. Until recently, printer ink was considered to be like black gold! At Webcartridge, we have shattered that belief because here, you can buy your cartridge for less than the cost of a cup of coffee. Despite what you may have heard, cheap ink cartridges are not inferior and last just as long as the more expensive original ones.  In fact, the quality of our cheap cartridges is exactly the same as the rest: simply outstanding.  High-quality products don't always come with a high price tag and they certainly don't have to be branded goods either.   Our compatible cartridges can be up to three times cheaper than the originals, they are also our users' favourites and their quality is absolutely second to none. The same performance and efficiency for much less. As an ink cartridge store, we are experts in the field and we have first-hand knowledge of the testing and manufacturing processes that each cartridge undergoes before being launched onto the market. Don't think twice — if you want to have the cheapest printer cartridges without losing any quality, Webcartridge is your best choice.

Best-selling cartridges and toners:

The same cartridge or toner can be compatible with several different printer models. The most commonly used references are as follows:

Best quality compatible and original printer cartridges

Compatible or original ink cartridges? Whichever you choose, both options are equally sound and worthwhile. While it's true that brands usually recommend using their original ink cartridges in their printers as a way of boosting sales, compatible cartridges are one of the best options on the market right now. All our compatible cartridges are of the highest quality and have undergone a series of checks and tests to ensure that they are fully compatible with the printer in question. The fact that they're much cheaper than original cartridges is the main reason why our customers go for this option when buying ink online for their printers. Get the same results for a lower cost with compatible ink cartridges.  If, on the other hand, you opt for original ink cartridges, Webcartridge is the best online cartridge shop out there.  We have a very wide range of cartridges available, from the earliest printers to the very latest ones. Many customers choose original cartridges because the brands recommend them and they themselves want to be certain that their printer will perform optimally and last for as long as possible. Nevertheless, both our compatible and original cartridges are of exceptional quality. You will get exceptional, 100% professional results with both of these printing options and our compatible products are second to none.  Buy your ink cartridges in our online shop and get the best results from the comfort of your home or office.

No matter what your final decision is; whether you prefer to use compatible ink cartridges or original ones, Webcartridge is the best online store.  The outstanding quality of each and every one of our products and the fact that we offer our customers the lowest prices, has made us the leading printer ink retailer over the years.  

Why buy printer ink from Webcartridge?

Since our inception, we've understood that Webcartridge has to be much more than just a shop that sells cartridges and toner online to people who run out of ink in their printers. Our aim has always been to provide the best possible customer experience and we are committed to our principles.

  • Price: Thanks to our long history of selling printer supplies and more than 200,000 orders shipped per year, we can offer you the cheapest toner and cartridges on the market. We're convinced that you'll find the right ink for your printer at the best price at Webcartridge.
  • Quality: At Webcartridge, we never sell low quality printer ink or ink that can damage your printer. We have only sold compatible cartridges and toners that have been tested and approved since the very beginning. That's why we provide the same guarantee as with the originals.  We also stock consumables and other stationery and computer supplies from the best brands.
  • Catalogue: our catalogue comprises of more than 5,000 different products and is continually growing. We are constantly on the lookout for new products and taking suggestions from our customers so that you have everything you need to complete your order at your disposal.
  • Simplicity: We're aware that at times it's difficult to find the right compatible ink for your printer. Thanks to our easy-to-use search engine, you can find the toner or cartridge you need in just three easy steps. Just enter the brand, series and model, which can be found on the printer itself. You can also use the search engine at the top of the page menu.
  • Customer service: from the very beginning, our philosophy has always been to put the customer at the heart of our business. You can contact our customer service team via online chat, telephone or email. In addition, in the FAQ section you'll find answers to the most common questions that users have when purchasing printer ink.
  • Service: as well as offering the quickest delivery available and the lowest possible shipping costs, at Webcartridge we go further and provide you with a two-year guarantee from the time you place your order.
  • Commitment: we want to be your trusted printer supplies retailer and office and school stationery supplier. We provide a secure and verified payment system with a transparent and easy-to-use checkout procedure. Moreover, to thank you for your loyalty, we give you a 10% discount on every order.

Webcartridge is much more than a cartridge retailer

Do we only sell ink and cartridges? Nothing could be further from the truth. Yes, Webcartridge is an online shop for printer ink cartridges — but not only that. Our catalogue goes far beyond ink and encompasses various areas such as stationery, home, IT and professional printing.  When it comes to printers, in addition to compatible and original ink cartridges, we also have a wide range of consumables for printers, such as toner, drums and printer paper.

The world of stationery sector is so broad and diverse — with materials available for people of all ages and expertise.  In our online shop, we have stationery for all members of the family. You can find office material, writing and drawing material, school material and any other professional material you need to carry out a endless number of activities in this area.  Pens, pencils, rulers, paints, markers... whatever stationery you need, you'll find it in this section. Stationery is undoubtedly one of our customers' favourite parts of our entire catalogue.

With regard to professional printing, we have everything you need. From special inks and papers for professional printing to a wide range of accessories such as vinyls or mugs for screen printing. Whatever you need, you'll find it in our online store.  One of the most important sectors in our catalogue is Home and IT. We stock an endless variety of cables, SD cards and batteries — but those are just a few of the items you'll find in this section. We also have a wide range of mobile phone accessories, storage devices and a small section dedicated to smart home devices, which is becoming increasingly fashionable. Recent events have also led us to add popular personal protective gear such as face masks and hydroalcoholic gel to our catalogue. We also stock a selection of labels and POS items including a wide range of labels, POS paper and ink ribbons and rollers. As you can see,  Webcartridge is much more than just a printer cartridge retailer!  We want our customers to find everything they need to successfully for their school, teaching or professional lives on our website. You can find everything you need in our online cartridge store.