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They are as fashionable as tamagotchi was at the time, but gummies are much more educational. In Webcartridge we have these self-adhesive stickers in different shapes and colors to stimulate the creativity of the kids doing all kinds of activities.


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Everyone who has a child around will know that gumdrops (even if this word sounds like Chinese to you) like them as much as you were crazy about the stickers that came in the bags of chetos. It turns out that these stickers of different shapes and colors are the latest trend for activities that stimulate the creativity of the little ones. Triangles, circles, squares, stars, hexagons and even smiley faces to make all kinds of crafts.

At Webcartridge you will find all kinds of gumdrops so you can choose your favorite ones, or your own!

Gummies that you will find in Webcartridge

Ideal for both school and home, at Webcartridge we have gumdrops of different geometric shapes in bright colors. They are presented in a roll formed by micro-perforated sheets so that they are very easy to separate without using scissors. In addition, all the gummies that you will find on our website are made with 100% recyclable materials and are solvent free.