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Cartridges Epson 16

You can buy all the cartridges from the Epson 16 series at Webcartridge. Original and compatible ink cartridges at the lowest price. Saving money on every print with compatible Epson 16 cartridges is possible with Webcartridge. The cartridges contain ink of the same quality as the original cartridges. But if you prefer original ink cartridges, at Webcartridge we offer them for the lowest price on the web.

The black Epson 16 in standard format can print about 175 pages, while the colour ones in standard capacity can produce 165 copies. The Epson 16XL black cartridge has a yield of about 500 pages and the colour Epson 16XL has a yield of 450. Please note that these figures are approximate and for guidance only; the exact number of copies you will be able to produce with each of these cartridges will depend on how you use your printer and the type of printing you do. 

There are several printers that are compatible with the Epson and 16 cartridges, all of these are Epson WorkForce series printers. If you want to know if yours is compatible, simply select the cartridge you want to buy, go to the "Compatible Printers" section at the bottom of the product sheet and check if it's there. 

The only difference between the Epson 16 cartridge and the Epson 16XL cartridge is the yield, which means the number of pages they can print. Obviously, the Epson 16XL (high capacity cartridge) is going to produce a higher number of copies compared to the standard cartridge format. On our blog you will find a post where we explain the differences between standard format cartridges and high capacity cartridges.