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Do you know the difference between offset and digital printing?

Do you know the difference between offset and digital printing?

When deciding what type of printing system to use, it is very important to have a clear picture of the needs you wish to cover. And even if today the digital printing has become the most popular one, it is not necessarily the best option.

What is the digital printing?

The digital printing consists of a process through which a digital file will be directly printed on the paper, using the printer ink cartridges. This is the most appropriate procedure when the required number of printed pages has a low volume.

What is the offset printing?

Meanwhile, the offset printing is a system based on the application of oily ink to a metal plate made of aluminium, that records the image on a surface thanks to an offset cylinder and to an impression cylinder. Currently, this type of printing is the system that provides the highest quality image.  

How to know if the offset or the digital printing is more convenient?

According to different criteria, we are going to present you below how to choose between a printing system or the other.

Depending on the amount of prints

If the amount of prints you will do is under 500, it is more appropriate to use the digital printing, because the cost of this system is much lower in small volumes.

Otherwise, if the amount of prints is higher than 500, it is more appropriate to use the offset system, because in this type of printing, the higher the amount of prints, the cheaper the process.

Depending on the print size

In the case of a large-format printing, the best would be to use the offset printing system, because the digital printing is much more limited regarding the sizes.

Depending on the desired colour consistency

If you want a right and sharp colour, then it is clear that you should use the offset printing, due to the fact that it presents much more real printing results than the digital printing.


In conclusion, it can be said that if you wish a print with colours as close to real colours as possible, in large sizes and in quantities of over 500 copies, then you should choose the offset printing. However, if you wish a print in quantities below 500 copies and that it is also fast and economic, then the digital printing is the one that adapts better to these characteristics.

Now you just need to have clear your needs to be able to choose the most appropriate printing system.


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