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How to print more efficiently

How to print more efficiently

How can you print more efficiently? Even in the digital age, printing keeps playing a very important role in our society. Companies and private individuals need large amounts of printed copies of their documents, which entails a frequent use of printers, paper, ink and electricity. How can you make better use of your printer and still protect the environment? There are certain guidelines you can follow to put a responsible printing policy into practice, so you can reduce costs while taking care of the planet.

Recommendations to ensure more efficient printing:

  • Try to save on expensive colour ink as much as you can and print in black and white if possible. However, it is also advisable to print in colour from time to time to prevent the colour ink from drying.
  • Choose an ink-saving mode. Most printers have an economy or a draft mode that consumes less ink and that is normally sufficient for unimportant or informal documents and that can help you save significant amounts of ink and money.
  • Double-sided printing is the best way to save paper, so try to select this option whenever possible.
  • Digitise your documents instead of printing them whenever a printed copy is not indispensable.
  • Check if your printer has an automatic switch-off system and activate it to save energy when you are not around. 
  • Set wider print margins for your documents to make the most out of each page.
  • Find the right text font. Some fonts have a much lower rate of ink consumption than others: thinner fonts will help you reduce costs, since you will not have to replace ink or toner cartridges so often. In particular, we recommend Ecofont, which is specifically designed to save ink and consumes 50% less than regular fonts.  
  • Buy compatible ink or toner cartridges. It will definitely save you lots of money without compromising quality.
  • Finally, use recycled paper.

There are many resources you can take advantage of to achieve a more efficient printing and it is crucial to combine them properly. It will only take you a few simple steps to save ink and paper and reduce your overall printer related costs.  

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