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Ink that prints electrical circuits, the future of LED

Ink that prints electrical circuits, the future of LED

Have you ever heard about the ink that allows to create circuits? Yes, something close to impossible is coming to life. Do you want to know how is this possible? This new progress was introduced last April 2016, at the International Hanover Fair. There, researches of the Leibniz Institute, in Germany, along with a Spanish scientific, revealed the secret of what can be the future. This research comes with the NanoSpekt, a project for the development of materials for electronic impressions.

The ink that will revolutionize the world of electronics is made of gold nanoparticles and an organic conductive polymer. This idea is to be used on injet printers. The small size of this metal particles and its great stability make possible to print fine ink lines. 

Thanks to this type of ink, a cartridge from a fountain pen can be used to draw an electronic circuit and light up a LED. Besides, one of the advantages of this type of ink is that it becomes conductive, so once dried, the ink can draw electric circuits on flexible materials such as paper or plastic.

Truth be told, there are already inks with metal nanoparticles, but they are not conductive. 

There’s no doubt that this kind of conductive ink, something inconceivable years ago, will revolutionize the world of electronics. The printing world progresses at a dizzying rate and who knows what’s left to discover.

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