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The Samsung CLP365 printer, how is it? What are its advantages?

The Samsung CLP365 printer, how is it? What are its advantages?

Do you have a CLP365 Samsung printer and you want to know more about it? Are you trying to buy a printer for your house? It can be interesting to get to know the characteristics of the Samsung CLP365 printer. This is one of the best devices if you want to keep it at home. Thanks to its compact design and its modern technology you can work from home. All that makes it one of the smallest printers, something to bear in mind for those who want to buy a new printer for home.

What are the characteristics of the Samsung CLP365 printer?

  • Connectivity: These printers have the latest printing technology. How? With the WiFi connexion. This will allow you to print from any device at home. Printing from your computer is now over thanks to the new possibilities of the wireless connexion. Are you trying to connect to your network in an easy way? There you go. You will only have to press the WPS Touch key.
  • Simple use: When we buy a new printer, we want it to be easy to use.   This device has many possibilities but without any complications. With just one button you can use some of its functions.
  • Eco-friendly: These printers have the “Eco” button that will allow you to print in greyscale. It will prevent you from printing any blank pages to save money and paper.
  • Quality printing: Don’t let its small size confuse you. Thanks to the Rendering Engine for Clean Page technology your copies will have the best quality. If you print your photos via social network, then this is your printer. The Samsung CLP365 printers allow you to have the control on the quality you are looking for. Thanks to their Easy Solution software you decide the quality. Besides, with the Easy Eco Driver option, your digital files will be stored so you can easily share them on your social network.
  • Polymerized Toner: On these printers, their toners are made of smaller particles in comparison with other printers. This is an advantage because the printouts are more defined and with more brilliant colours. You can purchase them in each colour:

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