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Why is safety important when using your printer?

Why is safety important when using your printer?

The development of technology together with the continuing advances of the Internet have led to security problems, so it is now more important than ever to properly manage our security systems. Although cybersecurity is most commonly associated with computers only, it is necessary to bear in mind that printers can also be hacked.

To prevent this from happening, security must be a priority in your printing environment so that your documents and images are correctly protected. On a daily basis we print, send and receive numerous confidential documents, not only at work but also at home. For this reason, it is important to be aware of all possible security breaches in order to minimise the risks when using our printing devices.

What security measures can you take regarding your printer? Many manufacturers already take this problem into consideration, and they have created security centres where they offer customer support. In these centres, users are given advise on how to preserve the security of their printing activity and, nowadays, many printers implement up to two hundred different security protocols, as it has recently been demonstrated by HP JetAdvantage solutions.

What does HP JetAdvantage protect?

Devices: HP JetAdvantage protects your devices through authentication functions, lock down features for devices, ports and network access points.

Data: whether they are stored on your cloud or on your physical device, your data in transit will be safe whenever you print. Secure printing options are also available.

Documents: pull print technology guarantees that your documents will always be safe. Furthermore, HP JetAdvantage offers different solutions that will help you avoid counterfeiting and fraud.

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