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Cartridges Canon PGI-1500XL

At Webcartridge you can buy all the ink cartridges from the Canon PGI-1500XL series. Original and compatible ink cartridges at the lowest price. Saving money with every print by paying compatible Canon PGI-1500XL ink cartridges is possible with Webcartridge. The cartridges contain ink of the same quality as the original cartridges. But if you prefer the original ink cartridges, at Webcartridge we offer them for the lowest price on the web.

Cartridges Canon PGI-1500XL

Do you want to get the PGI-1500XL cartridges at the best price on the market? Buy them in our online printer ink shop! No matter if you choose the compatible or the original ones, in both cases we have unbeatable prices. Take a look at our selection, you will see how we are right.

Buy Canon PGI-1500XL cartridges at Webcartridge

Which type of Canon PGI-1500XL cartridges do you prefer? Original or compatible? At Webcartucho we have both options available so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. The originals have a slightly higher price, but are made by the manufacturer of the printer itself. On the other hand, compatibles are the alternative with the best value for money of all. We assure you that, whichever alternative you choose, you will obtain results of exceptional quality.

The Canon PGI-1500XL cartridges, as the name suggests, are only available in high capacity format and very few printers are compatible with them. In addition, they have a separate cartridge for each color, so you will need to get a total of four: black, yellow, cyan and magenta.

Save with compatible Canon PGI-1500XL Cartridges

The vast majority of our customers opt for compatible Canon PGI-1500XL cartridges. The reason? Its reduced price and is that they are much cheaper than the originals. That's the only difference that has with them, the rest of the features are identical.

The compatible Canon PGI-1500XL are totally safe and do not present any risk to your printer. Before being launched on the market, they have been evaluated according to the strictest quality standards, so we can assure you that they are 100% reliable. Their performance, compatibility, safety and quality is fully verified. Do not be fooled by false beliefs, the canon compatible consumables are an option as valid and safe as the originals.

Frequently asked questions about Canon PGI-1500XL series cartridges

Do you have any questions about Canon PGI-1500XL cartridges? Find out how many pages they print, which printers they are suitable for and much more. Can't find the information you are looking for? Write us in the chat, we will be happy to help you!

Black Canon PGI-1500XL cartridges have an approximate yield of 1200 pages. While, Canon PGI-1500XL cyan, yellow and magenta printers print up to 1,000 copies. Please note that these figures are approximate and for your guidance only; the number of pages you will be able to print with each cartridge will depend on the type of printing you do. 

Canon PGI-1500XL cartridges are compatible with various models of Canon Maxify series printers. Do you want to know if yours is one of them? Look for it in the “Compatible Printers” section at the end of each product page; if it’s listed, it means that it is compatible. If it appears, these are the consumables you need to buy!

Compatible Canon PGI-1500XL toners are much cheaper because they are not made by the printer manufacturer itself, but by other companies that are not related to the brand. All other features are virtually unchanged and do not differ significantly from the originals.