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Stabilo Boss Original 70 Assorted Box

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4 Units
6 Units
8 Units


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One is not enough when we talk about the Stabilo Boss Original, the classic highlighters with water-based ink and two line widths (5mm and 2mm). These highlighters, which have enchanted generations since their launch in 1971, are still the best-selling fluorescent pens in Europe. Why? Because they are suitable for everything and everyone. For children and adults, for school, the office or for home use, for painting, marking and underlining, and, moreover, they do not dry out even if you forget to put the cap on them thanks to their anti-drying technology.

Now, in Webcartridge, you can buy the assorted cases of 4 (green, red, orange and yellow), 6 (blue, green, red, pink, orange and yellow) and 8 (yellow, orange, blue, green, pink, red, lavender and lilac) units.

Product Features
Colour Multicolour
Quantity 4 Units, 6 Units, 8 Units
Ink Type Water Based (Dye)
Product Class Stationery
Product group
Number of products 4 Units
Form Flat
Body material Plastic
Type of tip Bevelled
Body colour Multicolour
Transparent body No
Grip No
Tip material Fibre
Quick drying Yes
Pocket clip No
Stroke 2 and 5 mm
Anti-drying Yes
Rechargeable Yes
Type of packaging Plastic case