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Erasable pens

Are you looking for an erasable pen? We have the one for you at Webcartridge. Erasable pens are not only perfect for children, they are also ideal if you want to avoid the untidy marks left on your documents left by crossing out a mistake. Browse our wide selection and find yours!

Pilot Frixion Light

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Erasable Pens

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Do you want to be able to erase the ink from your pen whenever you want, do you prefer to write with something that gives you the possibility to make corrections at any time, are your children learning to write, In all these situations and many more, erasable pens are the perfect product. They are, without a doubt, one of the best-selling pens in our extensive catalog. The reasons? The many advantages they offer that cannot be found in any other product.

Erasable pens are mainly used by children who are in the process of learning to write. The fact of having a pen that can be erased gives them the freedom to make the corrections they want. In addition, they also feel less pressure and can relax during their writing; any mistakes they make can be eliminated by themselves and without the need to resort to correctors or crossings out. But they are not only used by children; many adults prefer to write with an erasable pen. They find them more comfortable, more practical and much cleaner. Forget about concealer stains, thanks to erasable pens you won't notice even the slightest mistake!

The star brand in erasable pens is Pilot. At Webcartridge we have a great variety of them with a multitude of different colors and, in addition, all of them have a built-in eraser that will allow you to erase the ink. Did you know that we also have erasable highlighters? As you read, now you can underline your notes without fear of making a mistake, you can erase and re-underline whenever you want!

Do you dare to try the erasable pens? For children and adults, they are perfect for all members of the household!