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Jumbo Pencils

Would you like the little ones at home to learn how to write and colour in? We have just what you need at Webcartridge — we’re talking about Jumbo pencils. These pencils are the most highly recommended by professionals and teaching experts, so they'll be ideal for young children. Get your Jumbo pencils at the best price in our online shop!

Staedtler Noris Jumbo 119 - HB

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Milan 161 Maxi Graphite HB

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Milan 167 Maxi Graphite with Eraser - HB

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Jumbo Pencils

Buy Jumbo pencils at the best price online

Jumbo pencils are a type of pencils perfect for learning to write. What's more, they have been designed specifically for that, for children to learn to write. Their triangular shape, and much larger than other pencils, is perfect for them. They are much more ergonomic, easy to grip and allow them to write without getting tired. In addition, they are also much more resistant, obviously due to the fact that they are going to be used by children who do not yet know how to write properly and apply too much pressure. If the time has come for your children to learn to write, buy them a pair of Jumbo pencils, they are the best option of all! Did you know that Jumbo pencils are the most recommended by teachers around the world? That's right, they are never missing from the famous back-to-school school supply lists. By the way, in our online store we also have colored Jumbo pencils, pencils exactly like these, but whose leads are colored.

MILAN is one of the most important brands in our Jumbo pencils catalog. You can find them in several different types, such as with two colors or with eraser. Explore our selection and get the ones you like the most.

If you are interested in this type of large stationery items specifically designed for children to learn to write, draw and color, at Webcartridge also has Jumbo markers and Jumbo chalks.