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Small Notebooks

Small notebooks or minis are those whose main and differentiating feature is their small size. They are smaller than the classic DIN A4 size and are usually A5, A6 and successive measures. Do you need a notebook or notebook that you can always carry with you or that fits in all your bags and backpacks? Opt for the small notebooks, they are the perfect option for you.

Small Notebooks

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Small notebooks or minis are characterized, as you might guess, by their small size. To give you an idea, their measures are smaller than DIN A4, that is, they are DIN A5, A6 and successive. This is the only difference, their measures, the rest of the features are exactly the same.

The success of small notebooks is that they adapt perfectly to any space and fit without problem in most bags and backpacks. Do you need to make notes of that conference that has arisen at the last minute, do you want to write down all the ideas that come to you wherever you are, do you have a small bag in which your usual notebooks do not fit? In all these situations and many more, small notebooks are the perfect alternative. Typically, small notebooks are often used as an extra or a backup. Well it is true that they are not the ones used to develop the usual activities of an office or educational center, but they are the only option in many other cases in which the larger ones are not valid. Examples? That notebook you have to make the shopping list, the notebook you always leave in your bag so that your children can draw at any time...

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