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Water Soluble Coloured Pencils

Colour water soluble pencils are one of the most popular items for amateurs and experts in the field of painting and fine arts. These types of pencils allow you to replicate the watercolour technique and thereby create a myriad of effects that would be impossible to achieve with a traditional pencil. Visit our selection and get your watercolour pencils for the best price — only at Webcartridge.

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Water Soluble Coloured Pencils

Buy watercolor pencils at the best price online

Do you know what watercolor pencils are, what they are used for, how to use them? Let's go by parts. Watercolor pencils are a special type of pencils that, when diluted with water, allow numerous effects in painting. Their physical appearance is exactly the same as that of any other pencil and their characteristics are only appreciated when they are dissolved with water.

Watercolor pencils are a very versatile and easy to use tool. They are perfect for both wet and dry drawing techniques. To give you an idea, the results achieved are similar to those provided by the watercolor technique. Do you know how they use? Simply draw and color your artwork dry. When you have it finished, wet a brush in water and start creating the effects you want.

The best brands of watercolor pencils

One of the aspects that most concerns our users is the quality of their watercolor pencils, as they are used in painting techniques with a higher degree of difficulty and professionalism. The best brands? From Webcartridge we can not stay with only one, so we are going to tell you which are the best in our online catalog. These are MILAN, Faber-Castell and STAEDTLER, very popular brands in the stationery sector. Deciding between one or the other is something that only depends on you, your tastes and needs. They all have the same watercolor pencils, but their colors, shapes and leads may vary slightly in tone, intensity or thickness. In addition, although they are usually the same, there are different formats depending on the number of units you want. Do you want a box of 12, 24, 36 or 48 watercolor pencils? In short, get the ones you like the most, the quality is 100% assured in all the alternatives in our online store.