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How to reset HP Officejet 6600 printer

How to reset HP Officejet 6600 printer

If your HP Officejet 6600 is having problems executing orders, is not printing with a proper quality or is unable to recognise the ink cartridges, it might be necessary to reset the printer. However, this procedure will return the device to its factory settings, so all your custom settings will be deleted, including the wireless network configuration.

This printer can be easily reset from the touch panel, but the Reset option can be hard to find, so here are the steps you must follow. 

Reset instructions for HP Officejet 6600

  • Turn the printer on.
  • Press the Home button on the left side of the touch panel. Then tap the arrow on the right side.
  • Touch the Setup button.
  • Touch the Tools button.
  • Tap the arrow and scroll down until you find the option Restore Factory Defaults and then touch it.

The printer will show a notification when the reset process is completed. Then you can return to the home screen by pressing the Home button.

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